News: Share your Smile around the World!

Yoko Ono may have  had a good idea in 67′ but the technology only comes now!

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News: Learn Photoshop By Making it a Game!

Anyone who has ever lost a few hours to a good video game can tell you how engaging they can be. Educators around the world are now taking advantage of just HOW engaging video games can be by creating educational games. These aren’t the typing games from our youth but actual fun, quality games that offer a “lasting” education.

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Weekly Wackness Experiments: This Weeks Rules!

Hello all and welcome to another Weekly Wackness Experiment! For those who don’t already know, Weekly Wackness Experiments are designed carefully each week so that we all can toss the “rules” of traditional photography. Read the full description here!

Remember to post YOUR entries on your social networks with the hashtag #weeklywackness for your chance to be featured on our blog! Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos there, or simply email us your entries at

This week’s experiment guidelines:

  • All entries must be completely and 100% yours
  • All entries must be created strictly for Weekly Wackness Experiments
  • All entries must be created IN-CAMERA using no third party digital enhancements
    • yes you can use weird custom white balance or in-camera B&W or sepia
    • yes you can use every photo editing app you have if you’re using an iPhone for Weekly Wackness Experiments
Those were the boring rules, here’s where it gets good.
  • All entries must be shot while the photographer is in rapid motion. (running, jogging, riding a bike)
  • Entries can be taken in the day or at night
  • Shoot as many experiments as you like, hashtag them all, we don’t mind!
  • Experiment with different shutter speeds and as always, have the most fun you could possibly have!