Weekly Wackness Experiment

HEY EVERYONE!!! It’s about that time for a Weekly Wackness Experiment. Each week, the creative team behind Indie-Photo 101 will come up with the guidelines for a photographic experiment that YOU undertake. If you read the Weekly Wackness Experiments page, there’s a full description of what this is. (and an explanation as to why we say Weekly Wackness Experiments so much)

“But IP-101 guy, why should I participate in some stupid Weekly Whatever?”

Well, Rude-Internet-Guy, these are projects that add to your artistic development. You break the “rules” of traditional photography and step outside your comfort zone to create something totally spontaneous and creative. These photos, even if they’re “bad,” can lead to an infinite supply of artistic inspiration for photoshoots and other photographic endeavors.

Still don’t care?

Well, these photos are pieces that you can use in your own professional portfolios, or you may even submit them to an art gallery as abstract pieces. Either way, you’re experiencing growth as an artist.

…still nothing?

Well check it out! We’re inviting YOU to go out and do these experiments and hashtag them with the tag #weeklywackness so the creative and technical team at Indie-Photo 101 can sift through your entries and choose a select number to be featured ON Indie-Photo 101.

You ready now?


Here’s the rules this week:

All entries must be completely and 100% yours
All entries must be created strictly for Weekly Wackness Experiments
All entries must be created IN-CAMERA using no third party digital enhancements
yes you can use weird custom white balance or in-camera B&W or sepia
yes you can use every photo editing app you have if you’re using an iPhone for Weekly Wackness Experiments
Those were the boring rules, here’s where it gets good.
All entries must be 100% totally and completely out of focus
Entries can be taken in the day or at night
Shoot as many experiments as you like, hashtag them all, we don’t mind!
Long exposures and wild abandon recommended, but not a ruley rule.
Remember to post your Weekly Wackness Experiments on your blogs and social networks using the hashtag #weeklywackness for your chance to be featured on Indie-Photo 101.

Happy shooting!


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