Manual Mode for Life!

Often when we purchase our first camera we’re a bit skeptical of the manual mode. We love the safety of the green box knowing we can snap instant photos and with autofocus it’s that much easier. Let’s take a moment to remember why we use the manual mode and why that turns taking a photograph into making a photograph. We cannot forget that photography is not just the documentation of life as it happens, or the capturing of a single moment, but it is an art.

By taking consideration into your framing, composition, lighting, focus, shutter speed and aperture you are transformed into an artist. You are no longer documenting or capturing but creating an image that no one else could see. The simple act of choosing a focus object has a very profound effect on not only your photograph, but the experience of creating it.

So let’s all get creative. Lets screw with our settings, set custom white balances that transform things enormously. Let’s focus on weird things and set our shutter speeds too slow. This is art, let’s create something worth while.


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