This Week’s Weekly Wacknesses!!!!!!!!!

This last week’s Weekly Wackness Experiment wasn’t a huge hit. BUT LET’S NOT GET ALL SAD. That was just week 1. Week 1 out of INFINITE weeks to come.

BUT fret not, dear fellows, because amidst the entries two Instagrammers will be getting their dues today.

Stay tuned for the rules and guidelines for THIS week’s all NEW Weekly Wackness Experiment!!!!!!!


One thought on “This Week’s Weekly Wacknesses!!!!!!!!!

  1. I almost didn’t end up participating because I couldn’t find the rules for the week so I thought it might not be happening yet. I never could find them here on wordpress, I just happened to follow a link (from your twitter feed?..) to your blogspot blog and found it on there. Just so you guys know.

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