Analog Alley: Cross-Processing and Double Exposures

When Instagram took over, we all wanted our pictures retro. Some of us even found our “go to” filters, like X-Pro for example. We’re convinced that by adding these killer film filters over our flat iPhone pictures, people will think our lives are awesome. Well, what IS X-pro? What does that even mean?

WELL, X-pro is short for Cross-Processed which is a term that’s applied to slide film which is processed as regular film. See, slide film when processed as slide film (using E-6) it comes out transparent so one could project it with a slide projector. (retro, huh?) Well, you can process slide film as regular film (using c41 instead of E-6) and the product is quite interesting. Certain colors may pop, (magenta, blues, greens) and the contrast and saturation will be through the roof. These results are unpredictable and used to be held as an amateur photographer’s Happy Accident.

Here are some gnarly Cross Processed shots from one of our dedicated followers Jake Zelinger. You can find his IG prints online on InstaCanvas

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