News: Learn Photoshop By Making it a Game!

Anyone who has ever lost a few hours to a good video game can tell you how engaging they can be. Educators around the world are now taking advantage of just HOW engaging video games can be by creating educational games. These aren’t the typing games from our youth but actual fun, quality games that offer a “lasting” education.

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This Week’s Weekly Wacknesses!!!!!!!!!

This last week’s Weekly Wackness Experiment wasn’t a huge hit. BUT LET’S NOT GET ALL SAD. That was just week 1. Week 1 out of INFINITE weeks to come.

BUT fret not, dear fellows, because amidst the entries two Instagrammers will be getting their dues today.

Stay tuned for the rules and guidelines for THIS week’s all NEW Weekly Wackness Experiment!!!!!!!

Tips and Tricks: Making Soft Light

You’d love to shoot a nice, soft lit portrait but have no soft box? No flex fill? Is your flash making everything come out too harsh? (haven’t a clue what I’m talking about? Stay tuned for IP-101‘s beginners lighting course) A quick fix to that hard flash is right at your finger tips, literally! Get some scotch tape and a tissue and put the tissue over your flash.

Suddenly those harsh shadows don’t look so harsh and you spent nothing!

Unless you count the cost of tissue and tape.