We’re Back!

Wow I bet you never thought you’d see another IndiePhoto101 post again! Well, it’s true, we’ve been on a brief (four year) pause! HA! That’s an entire college career!

Luckily for you and all the would-be photographers in the world, IndiePhoto101 is coming back! We’ve got a boatload of new stuff to share with you including tips, tricks, lessons and the Weekly Wackness Experiments!

For those who have absolutely no clue who we are, let me (Jake aka The Founder) guide you through a bit of an intro.

IndiePhoto101 provides an online resource and news hub to photographers of all skill levels, from novice to advanced, to learn the basics, expand creativity, develop real projects to use in their portfolios and connect with other photographers around the world.

Yes… I did just copy-paste that from our Who We Are page but hey, it sums it up pretty good.

Before we get into the official release date and all that good stuff, let me introduce myself.

I’m Jake Zelinger, I was born in Orange County, CA and have traveled LIGHTLY since then. I received a Bachelors of Science degree from the infamous Art Institute of California – Los Angeles and since then have floated through almost every creative endeavor imaginable. (concert photography, filmmaking, music production, playing in a band, playwriting, acting, painting, etc etc)

IndiePhoto101 was one of those floating endeavors that didn’t go anywhere because I was far too distracted. Well, I’m much less distracted now and have a good feeling that revival of IndiePhoto101 will bring good things to not only myself but to others.

Personally, I want to drive away from product reviews, because there is a real tendency for those to become unbiased, but my colleagues are urging me; what do you think?

The official relaunch of IndiePhoto101 is still TBD, but we’ll be keeping everyone in the loop! ❤



Analog Alley: Cross-Processing and Double Exposures

When Instagram took over, we all wanted our pictures retro. Some of us even found our “go to” filters, like X-Pro for example. We’re convinced that by adding these killer film filters over our flat iPhone pictures, people will think our lives are awesome. Well, what IS X-pro? What does that even mean?

WELL, X-pro is short for Cross-Processed which is a term that’s applied to slide film which is processed as regular film. See, slide film when processed as slide film (using E-6) it comes out transparent so one could project it with a slide projector. (retro, huh?) Well, you can process slide film as regular film (using c41 instead of E-6) and the product is quite interesting. Certain colors may pop, (magenta, blues, greens) and the contrast and saturation will be through the roof. These results are unpredictable and used to be held as an amateur photographer’s Happy Accident.

Here are some gnarly Cross Processed shots from one of our dedicated followers Jake Zelinger. You can find his IG prints online on InstaCanvas

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Weekly Wackness Experiments!!!

Hello all and welcome to another Weekly Wackness Experiment! For those who don’t already know, Weekly Wackness Experiments are designed carefully each week so that we all can toss the “rules” of traditional photography. Read the full description here!

Remember to post YOUR entries on your social networks with the hashtag #weeklywackness for your chance to be featured on our blog! Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos there, or simply email us your entries at indiephoto101@gmail.com

This week’s experiment guidelines:

  • All entries must be completely and 100% yours
  • All entries must be created strictly for Weekly Wackness Experiments
  • All entries must be created IN-CAMERA using no third party digital enhancements
    • yes you can use weird custom white balance or in-camera B&W or sepia
    • yes you can use every photo editing app you have if you’re using an iPhone for Weekly Wackness Experiments
Those were the boring rules, here’s where it gets good.
  • All entries must be shot from the hip!
  • Entries can be taken in the day or at night
  • Shoot as many experiments as you like, hashtag them all, we don’t mind!
  • Remember to try as hard as you can to NOT look through the viewfinder to compose your shots, UNLESS you’re using a TLR or a DSLR with a flip out screen, then we just trust you to be as wacky as possible 

Great Photographs!!!

Natalie's Kitchen

This post was “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress on Thursday 28 June 2012, my thanks go out to all who read, liked and commented. It certainly made for a lively debate! 

Love them or hate them, wind turbines are a part of the landscape in many parts of the country now.

Last week I was in East Sussex for a few days, staying in a lovely blue painted clapper board house. To the left of the house there were imposing sand dunes formed of sand so fine and white you could be forgiven for thinking you were on a Caribbean island.   To the right lush green marshland spread out as far as the eye could see dotted with grazing sheep, fence posts, trees and turbines.

As happens when you have a small child away from the familiarity of his own bed, much of the night is spent getting…

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